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Google Docs offers you the opportunity to create and edit documents and spreadsheets with ease. By letting you focus on your content, they are perfect to write articles or presentations, for instance. Better still, they function in a fully online environment and don’t require you to install or upload anything.
Once you’re all set, back in the Manage your Docs window, you will notice that Docs have their own website through which you can publish and share your content cde4edac5b

■ Your ISP can block all outbound connections (as port 25 is blocked). Use Eudora or other mail clients on your LAN to communicate with users. Make your web server act as a relay and forward all your outbound connections to the ISP. This might work (do not try this in a DMZ) but it will require careful setup.
■ Your ISP can easily block all incoming connections. Set your firewall to accept connections on your ISP’s outgoing port (

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