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The first release of AutoCAD used the « Tec plotter » hardware that was standard on most personal computers of the 1980s. The first desktop version of AutoCAD was AutoCAD LT, a « lite » version of AutoCAD that eliminated the ability to edit other files in a graphics workstation. The next release of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2000, was the first version that was fully integrated with a PC, including a GUI (graphical user interface) and the ability to edit other files.

AutoCAD has grown into the world’s most widely used commercial CAD program, used in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, power generation, transportation, civil engineering, architecture, architecture and engineering, landscape architecture, interior design, surveying, space exploration, robotics, telecommunications, and many other fields.

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD has been around since its first release in 1982. The first edition was a separate graphical-user-interface (GUI) application, and later versions provided an integrated GUI. Today, AutoCAD is available as a commercial desktop, mobile, and web application. The current version, AutoCAD R2018, was released in September 2018.

AutoCAD was originally developed by The Kaufmann Group, later Autodesk, and was originally named MicroStation. It was originally marketed as a desktop application for use with the Tek Plotter, a piece of hardware.

The development of AutoCAD started in 1981 when computer scientist David Michael Smith (a freelance architect) and two staff programmers at the Southern California office of a U.S. semiconductor company (which was later acquired by the Tektronix division of Tektronix, Inc.) began work on an integrated CAD system, called MicroStation, which was first released in 1982 as a desktop application for use with the Tek Plotter, a piece of hardware, that had an internal graphics controller.

Tektronix licensed the intellectual property rights to the MicroStation software from the original developers of the program, The Kaufmann Group, and in 1985 the company released the software for free, under the GNU General Public License, as a result of a civil lawsuit and a favorable ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States.

The first release of AutoCAD was AutoCAD LT, a « lite » version of AutoCAD that eliminated the ability to edit other files in a

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Early 1980s: In 1981, the United States Department of Defense developed a $9 million CAD/CAM system based on the CWS programming language, which in turn was based on the LISP dialect called NewLisp.
1982: The Amiga 1000 CAD/CAM software is released by Commodore in 1982, the first commercially available CAD/CAM.
1984: The release of the first Macintosh computer with its HyperCard software and PowerTalk scripting language.
1986: CADIA is released by American corporation Sperry Rand. CADIA consists of a portable operating system, a CAD/CAM application and a programming language to be used with the system. CADIA would later be licensed to AutoCAD Activation Code.
1989: The release of the IBM PC version of AutoCAD. It first appeared as a demonstration at Comdex. It was not released to the public until 1990.
1992: The release of AutoCAD Drawing Assistant for Microsoft Windows.
1994: AutoCAD VBA 1.0 is released for Windows. It is considered to be the first Windows-based AutoCAD product.
1999: AutoCAD Visual LISP and AutoCAD Visual VB are released to the public.
2000: AutoCAD Architectural Desktop (ADT) is released to the public. ADT is the first AutoCAD product to use three dimensional space modeling.
2003: 2D and 3D CAD software applications are moved from the.dll file to the.exe file. With the.dll file format becoming more and more unreliable, the.exe file format became a more reliable and efficient file format for modern applications.
2004: AutoCAD 2004 is released, the last release based on the classic LISP programming language.
2006: Internet Explorer 7 becomes the default browser for Windows XP. Windows XP SP2 is released, which includes the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package.
2010: Visual Studio 2010 is released, including.NET Framework 4 and the new programming language C#.


Drawing benchmark (or the « AutoCAD Wars »)

AutoCAD is best known for its dominant role in the personal computer market. However, it was originally developed for the engineering and architectural industries. AutoCAD quickly became a software bestseller, and soon its share of the market became larger than that of the industry-specific successor, DraftSight. The drawing benchmark or the « AutoC

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Enter a keycode in the form « 0000 (default) to a maximum of 00007FFF » or « 00000000 to 0000FFFFF » (for other values, choose another number).

Autocad will generate a new keycode.


To solve this problem, you need to check the following:

Is your Autocad being registered as a trusted application in
Windows Firewall?
Is your Autocad being able to make network
Is the Autocad signed with the right certificate?
Is your Autocad being started as the administrator?
Is your account account is a local administrator?

The reason of this exception is due to the problem mentioned at Autocad can’t access internet.
The solution I found and worked for me:

Go to the registry of your computer and add a subkey
as mentioned in the below:
I used the following value:

Name=Autocad.2011;CMDLine=C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2011\acad.exe

Make sure that the key exists. If it doesn’t, make it.
Right-click the key and choose properties.
Click the box next to the “Start In” line.
Insert the path where you have autocad.exe. In this case I inserted C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2011
Click OK.

Try to sign in again.

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Drawings by the Numbers:

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Scales & Sizes:

Use optional scale units to display size accurately across multiple drawing scales. Accurately measure across multiscale drawings using precise scale units. (video: 1:12 min.)

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See, collaborate and edit your drawings with a large number of users and partners. Easily share drawings with others in your organization. Drawings are loaded, stored and shared securely.

Revit 2020 Integration:

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Autodesk Cloud:

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