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What’s the best way to deserialize a JSON document in Haskell?

I’m working on a project which requires parsing various JSON documents on the web, and a JSON library is required.
I’d like to use the rather verbose json-text library and the excellent JSON library. So far, it seems like the easiest solution is to use the JSON library from Control.JSON, then install json-text as a dependency.
So, to get the ball rolling, I tried to write a simple program to test out json-text, and JSON.
I defined a type:
data Foo = Foo {
bar :: Int

And an instance:
instance FromJSON Foo where
parseJSON (Object obj) = Foo $ fromMaybe (error « Foo should never happen ») (obj :: Int)
parseJSON _ = error « Foo should never happen »

Which lets me dump the JSON document:
λ> decodeObject « {
« bar »: « 1 »
} » :: Maybe Foo
Just (Foo {bar = 1})

And of course, I can deserialize it:
λ> decodeObject « {
« bar »: « 1 »
} » :: Foo
Foo {bar = 1}

But I want to use json-text for all my parsing needs. And I want to use the FromJSON instances generated for json-text for that. So I thought I’d try to use the json-text library with a json-text generated instance for Foo, like so:
instance FromJSON Foo where
parseJSON = jsonText (jsonText (__ « 


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Category:Video game protagonists:visited{} »'{}’ ‘;’  » ‘=’ ;

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