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Graphical Tools Plug-in Free Download For Windows [April-2022]

A powerful and easy to use Perforce plug-in that provides access to P4 files. It displays the asset status, revision numbers and other details about the file on your local computer. The plug-in helps you to access Perforce files and provides the versions history.

This version of the plug-in is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and Windows XP.

Perforce Plug-in is compatible with the following file systems:

Mac OS X File System

Windows XP File System


This plug-in is only for P4 files. If you wish to create a P4 client for other version control systems you must download the client plugin.


This plug-in is a beta version. If you find a bug, please report it here.Krishnarajapuram

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Graphical Tools Plug-in Crack+ [Win/Mac] [March-2022]

LOGS tab

Lists all of the log files created by the plug-in.


Displays the amount of memory the plug-in is using.


Displays information about the release version of the plug-in.


Lists the revisions of the plug-in.


Displays information about the scope of the plug-in.


Lists all of the tables that are used by the plug-in.


Lists the major version of the plug-in.


Lists all of the watch folders that are created by the plug-in.


Displays which components are required to use the plug-in.


Displays a list of all of the files that have been copied into the working directory of the plug-in.


This tab allows you to specify the files that the plug-in will refresh each time it is run.


Configures the plug-in.

The plug-in has the following default values:

Select the option that you want to apply.

Click the Customize button in the Preview panel to modify the default values.

To customize the plug-in, use the Customize panel.

Click the New… button in the Preview panel to create a new configuration.

The plug-in can be added to the scripts area of the Toolbox as an external tool. Click the New Scripts icon in the main window. A dialog box opens and the tool is added to the scripts list. To remove the tool from the list, select the tool, click the Delete button, and confirm the dialog box.

Click the Toolbox icon in the main window. The active tool is highlighted. If necessary, you can select additional tools by clicking the down arrow in the lower-left corner of the toolbox.


Open the Plug-in package file.

Unzip the contents of the package.

Run the unzipped package.

In the Plug-in Package pane, select Tools.

If necessary, click the Copy button to add the selected tools to the Toolbox.

Graphical Tools Plug-in [Win/Mac]

Perforce supports asset management in a way that enables product development organizations to control access and information while managing the movement of digital assets across multiple hardware and software platforms. Perforce’s asset management capabilities are unmatched in the industry. Using the Perforce Web Access plug-in, you can work directly with Perforce server data and files from within Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage.
You can use the plug-in to manage Perforce assets, control access to files, query the latest status of files, compare different versions and files from Perforce.

Platform :

Windows Mac

Size :

621,691 KB

License :


System Requirement :

Windows 2000 SP4 or later


Overview of this product

The Perforce Web Access Plug-in is a plug-in package that allows you to integrate the Perforce version control features in Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage. You can use this tool for accessing the files from the Perforce server and work with multiple versions.


Install the plug-in in the folder %ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Adobe Media Cloud\Plug-ins\PerforceWebAccess.Note that you have to have Administrative rights to install the plug-in on your computer.

If you encounter the error « Error 775 » when installing the plug-in, contact the helpdesk of your Adobe Account to let them know.

How to install the plug-in

Open the Adobe Media Cloud plug-in from your computer and log in.

Go to Plug-ins > Plug-ins > PerforceWebAccess.

Select the PerforceWebAccess-1.2.4.plugin file on your computer.

Click Install.

Uninstall the plug-in

In the Plug-ins list, click the Uninstall button.

Select the plug-in file and press Uninstall.

Plug-in Settings

You can modify the plug-in settings from this section.

Server URL

Enter the web address of the Perforce server. For example:

Click Apply to save the setting.

Perforce Users

You can select users that can access the Perforce server. You can also add new users.

For more information, see the help page about using the

What’s New In Graphical Tools Plug-in?

Graphical Tools Plug-in is a plug-in package that allows you to integrate the Perforce version control features in Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage. You can use this tool for accessing the files from the Perforce server and work with multiple versions.
The plug-in can display the asset status and provide you with details about the current version as well as the revisions.

Plug-in helps you to keep track of the objects under Perforce control and move them between projects or to the repository. You can add and manage the file objects in the asset table and use navigation and search tools to find any file.
You can easily search for, view, add and delete items in the asset table. For more details see the Help documentation.
The plug-in is integrated with Photoshop CS4, Maya 2008 and 3ds Max 2009.

Plug-in works on Photoshop CS4, Maya 2008 and 3ds Max 2009.

Installation Instructions:
Drag and drop file in Photoshop, Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage.
Then follow the on-screen instructions.

#This is the main configuration file for the xlwings-open source user GUI library.
#If you’d like to overwrite any settings, simply add them to the sections below
#Note: These settings need to be configured in the Registry editor
# [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PuTTY\ColorCustomizations]

# The main settings section
CurrentColour = #FFFFFF
Color = #FFFFFF
CursorColour = #000000
Font = Consolas,12
ForegroundColour = #FFFFFF
BackgroundColour = #000000
HilightColour = #000000
HilightForegroundColour = #000000
HilightBackgroundColour = #000000

ScrollingStyle = ScrollUp
ScrollingSpeed = 15
ScrollBuffer = 40

Colours = #FFFFFF
ForegroundColour = #FFFFFF
BackgroundColour = #000000

Tab1Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab2Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab3Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab4Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab5Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab6Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab7Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab8Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab9Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab10Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab11Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab12Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab13Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab14Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab15Colours = #FFFFFF
Tab16Colours = #FFFF

System Requirements For Graphical Tools Plug-in:

Before you start, you should download the game client software here.
Game client is optimized for Windows Vista 32-bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 32-bit is also supported).
If you are running OS X, you must run our Mac version of the game, not the Windows version.
If you are running Linux, you must run our Linux version of the game, not the Windows version.
The game client automatically detects the operating system and downloads the correct version.
If the game client doesn

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