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When it comes to graphic designers, and vector editors CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are the titans of the industry. While their repertoire of features is nothing less than impressive, not all people require all the provided bits and bobs and may prefer something on the simple side of things.
Valid cross-platform substitute for some of the most popular illustration apps out there
Meet Gravit Designer, a smooth-running, modern, and quite competent illustrator that, thanks to its straightforwardness and simple yet efficient set of design tools, presents itself as being a valid alternative for the aforementioned legendary design apps.
Gravit Designer is basically an Electron-based app for the Gravit Designer web app (, and it's also available for macOS and Linux.
Feature-rich but not at all intimidating
It basically provides you with an interesting mix of intuitive CAD-like and design-based tools. It has everything a day-to-day user might want, starting with the multi-tabbed user interface, support for multiple layers, all sorts of smart screen design, vector illustration and logo creation tools, a useful text engine, all the way up to an impressive collection of visual effects.
The collection of practical tools includes as follows: Pen, Knife, Slice, Lasso, Bezigon, Graph, Freehand, and MagicHand, just to name a few. Creating anything from rectangles, polygons, and ellipses becomes something that really anyone can do, even without experience with similar tools.
Create everything from websites, covers, icons, logos, or printable flyers with the help of this nifty design tool
And it's easy to use, too. Subsequent to its uneventful installation and upon first launching the app, you are met by the app's start screen which makes it effortless for you to start your projects. You can choose the dimensions the physical dimensions of your projects, optimize them for specific devices, as well as create blog covers, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitch covers.
The interface's design is worthy of some praise, as it features a functional layout and it manages to integrate almost all the tools, without making everything feel overcrowded. We're also big fans of the stylish blur effect between menus, although, we admit, it doesn't make this app any better from a practical standpoint.
Intuitive and powerful illustrator that is ideally suited for non-professional users
Last but not least, Gravit Designer also allows you to export your projects to PDF, PNG, JPEG, and SVG, and it can also help you print them with the help of any media.
Considering everything that has been said, it should be quite clear that Gravit Designer really holds its own when it comes to logo and illustration design. We will admit, it's not as powerful as the big names of the industry, but realistically speaking, it might just be better suited for the large majority of users out there.



Gravit Designer 3.5.27 X64 [Latest-2022]

Vector design app that seamlessly blends some of the most popular design tools into a single experience.

Vector art editor with everything you need to create beautiful designs.
CorelDraw is the cornerstone of many graphics design studios and, as you would expect, it comes with some truly impressive tools. However, for the most part, it’s fairly intimidating to use if you’re a first time user and, it’s certainly not the most user-friendly software out there. In this article, we’ll take a look at just a few of the most notable and useful features that are available in CorelDraw that will really help you improve your vector graphics skills.
Create amazing graphic and typographic effects
CorelDraw offers many different effects, such as stroke, glow, line, and shadow effects, and allows you to create borders, gradients, text effects and many other cool effects in a really fun and efficient way.
Here are a few more to help improve your skills:
Stroke effects – Create cool stroke effects with CorelDraw by creating a grid of shapes and then defining how they look when stroked.
Glow effect – The Glow effect will allow you to apply a glow effect to the selected object.
Stroke shadows – Bring a bit of realism to your designs with some nice stroke shadows.
Adjust gradient settings – One of the best parts about CorelDraw is the ability to adjust gradient settings to suit any object.
Artistic effects – With the artistic effects, it’s simple to create nice gradients, shadows, and drop-shadows.
Linear and curved gradients – The two types of gradients available in CorelDraw are linear and curved. Create your own gradient from a color palette.
Gain a better look at CorelDraw effects using the live preview feature
If you want to see how some of the cool effects in CorelDraw look like, you can use the live preview feature and CorelDraw allows you to preview the effect in real time.
You can try out the live preview feature by creating a gradient, then saving the file and then viewing it again. You should see that the gradient changes to the live preview.
CorelDraw can help you design better and faster graphics
This is an essential feature for anyone who creates images and graphics. In many cases, it can really help you come up with a better design and save a lot of time and effort.
While it’s not much of a free time activity, some people find

Gravit Designer 3.5.27

✔ (✔) Pins your creation to create an image-based graphic – Canvas, in an easy and intuitive way.
✔ (✔) Sketch/draw your design on the screen, using a stylus or finger to choose shapes, line, and colors.
✔ (✔) Drag and drop to arrange the elements.
✔ (✔) Press CTRL + R to fill the background with a color.
✔ (✔) Invert the background with the « Color invert » icon.
✔ (✔) Turn text into the color of your background.
✔ (✔) Add comments to illustrate your design.
✔ (✔) Convert your project to a PNG or JPEG.
✔ (✔) Add media from your gallery.
✔ (✔) Crop your image using a selection tool.
✔ (✔) Add a logo or vector symbol to your image.
✔ (✔) Transform a node.
✔ (✔) Combine your graphic with other files.
✔ (✔) Zoom in and out.
✔ (✔) Export your project as an SVG file.
✔ (✔) Share your graphic on social networks.
✔ (✔) Send it to email or a printer.
✔ (✔) Adjust the font size, font color, or background color.
✔ (✔) Create an original vector graphic.
✔ (✔) Optimize the canvas with the slider at the top.
✔ (✔) Change the status of your canvas.
✔ (✔) Add a grid to your design.
✔ (✔) Add a gradient to your canvas.
✔ (✔) Draw a shape in the canvas.
✔ (✔) Add the stroke and fill to your shape.
✔ (✔) Add a stencil.
✔ (✔) Cut and paste shapes and lines.
✔ (✔) Add a background color to your image.
✔ (✔) Flip the canvas.
✔ (✔) Create a new document.
✔ (✔) Change the orientation of your canvas.
✔ (✔) Zoom in and out.
✔ (✔) Share your file.


Gravit Designer 3.5.27 Crack+ [2022-Latest]

Gravit Designer is a fresh, intuitive and modern vector application that allows anyone to create 2D designs and illustrations for any purpose. This versatile platform is the right tool for anyone who wants to create logo designs, websites, icons, social media covers, posters, flyers, prints and more.With Gravit Designer you’ll create logos, websites, buttons, covers, social media images, posters, flyers, prints and more, all in one place.

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What’s New In?

4K UHD Wallpaper & Icons:
Choose from thousands of HD wallpapers, screensavers, and icons. Including 4K Ultra HD wallpapers.
All designs are royalty-free, fully customizable, and available in 4K and 8K resolution.
Fully Responsive Designs:
Designs automatically adjust to the width of any device
Full Color:
Hundreds of colors are available
Choose from thousands of HD wallpapers, screensavers, and icons
Designs are optimized for performance, even when printed or displayed in a presentation
Includes free web icons, colors, and shapes
Save your designs to PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG formats.
Use your own fonts:
Embed your fonts into your designs or import custom fonts
Technical support is available
Mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly

Designer software

Designing can be a truly daunting job. As a result, it has become something of a cliché that designers are often over-worked and under-appreciated. However, with the right software at your side, designing can be made simple, even enjoyable, and any number of creative endeavors can be achieved.

Considering all of this, it is easy to see why many designers need an efficient and powerful alternative to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Here are some of the best and most efficient alternatives.
Designer software, Best alternative

Software for web design

Having a web site is a dream for many people. In order to accomplish this dream, you need to have a website. It’s a common thing for people to be interested in how to make a website. However, if they are good at computers, they still have difficulties.

Here you can find the best design software. This design software can be the best alternative to Photoshop and other design software.


Aimee is an icon editor and vector graphics software with features for creating icons, vector graphics and layered PSD files. It is also very easy to use, it supports images of all kinds. This package includes the following:
Aimee Icon Editor – Create icons and images with your computer.
Aimee Layer – Layers made with Aimee Icon Editor are editable, even after they are exported to a PSD file.


Thinking is a tool for generating images based on user-supplied shapes. For example, it can be used to create images of skulls and flowers, or to generate a number of images of a

System Requirements For Gravit Designer:

Supported Windows OS: Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1 (64-bit only), and Windows 7 (64-bit only)
Minimum 2 GB RAM
At least 20 GB available space
Cinema Visuals