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This is a great plucked harp VST synthesizer, designed for film scoring, all through out the ages, and in particular from the mediaeval period right up to contemporary jazz, or Indian orchestra music.
12 strings modeling, with each string modeled individually.
Self Bend control to emulate the pitch envelope of a loose string
Simple stereo input, with a « Click » mute switch, as well as a bunch of other effects (flange, compressor, gate and a huge selection of resonances and stings)
Easy to use DX8 compatible control panel
Intuitive user interface – no need to understand programming languages.
Create your own patch with the preset system.
The instrument is basically a collection of great sounding instruments, the oldest of which were created hundreds of years ago.
So if you want to hear the sound of the harp, in all its glory, then give this one a try! 🙂

-Ultra high quality multisampled instruments to make your mastering life easier.
-6 stunning Kontakt instruments:
-An ancient Celtic harp with both metal strings and plucked strings
-An exotic flute from the Far East
-A lute and a marcantone
-A French horn from the Baroque time
-An ebowed harp from the medieval time
-A deep and rich Renaissance harp
-An exotic sounding transitional viol with a floating bridge
-A nice sounding harp with a shimmering floating bridge from the 17th century
All in all, almost everything you will ever need to master your tracks!

« Great sound for such a low price! »
– Pøug dísblíthin
« A classic sound for a great price! I love the extreme flexibility the instruments give you. »
– Steve Fox

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This VSTi was designed as an orchestral harp synthesis. In particular, it features the beautiful sound of the Irish harp, the most commonly recorded instrument in recording studios!
– The results are of unparalleled quality.
– This harp is available in a variety of styles, such as the famous O’Carroll’s Irish harp, and also the Koto from Japan, and the Paraguayan Harp.
– It can reproduce the sounds of all of these instruments in a great variety of styles.
In addition to the 12 plucked strings, there is also an optional wind section consisting of the flute (1 octave), the oboe (1 octave), the accordion (3 octaves), and the piano (2 octaves)
In this VSTi, the harp is available in a variety of styles:
12 String Harp
String 1 (1/4 str.) – 22.440 Hz
String 2 (1/4 str.) – 22.668 Hz
String 3 (1/4 str.) – 24.928 Hz
String 4 (1/4 str.) – 23.617 Hz
String 5 (1/4 str.) – 25.067 Hz
String 6 (1/4 str.) – 24.007 Hz
String 7 (1/4 str.) – 25.319 Hz
String 8 (1/4 str.) – 24.549 Hz
String 9 (1/4 str.) – 25.867 Hz
String 10 (1/4 str.) – 25.947 Hz
String 11 (1/4 str.) – 25.704 Hz
String 12 (1/4 str.) – 25.048 Hz
Percussion – « Periodic » (1.0 ms)
Brass – « Perfect » (1.0 ms)
Woodwind – « Perfect » (0.20 ms)
Gong – Short – « Perfect » (0.002 ms)
Wind Section – 12 String
1 Flute (3 octaves) – « Perfect » (0.0005 ms)
1 Oboe (1 octave) – « Perfect » (0.0004 ms)
1 Accordion (3 octaves) – « Perfect » (0.0004 ms)
1 Piano (2 octaves) – « Perfect » (0.0001 ms)
All settings can be modified by the user.
◀ Dan Adam

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– Realistic sound of a harp with true sympahetic resonances (like a real harp).
– 12 individual strings modeled in a physical way (like the physical harp).
– Self-Bend.
– Smooth Pitch Modulation.
– LFO Pitch Bend.
– Adjustable Velocity Sensitivity.
– Pick control.
– Real World Harmonic Structure.

Now there’s no need to use something that « sounds like a harp » – HarpTime IS a harp, or rather a bunch of great sounding harps. From Celtic to Orchestral to Asian and beyond. You will find enough harps in this package to gently serenade your way into heaven!
The HarpTime VST synthesizer was designed to reproduce the sound of the plucked folk harp, and uses an advanced physical modeling synthesis in which twelve strings are all individually modeled to allow true sympathetic resonances.
The harp has a beautiful sound which is usable in very many musical styles (mediaeval period music, classical, folk, ambient, film music and ballads, for example). However, samples can only reproduce a limited, and somewhat’static’ snapshot of a particular real instrument being played.
In comparison, physical modeling allowed us to build a VSTi which reproduces the characteristic of a variety of real harps, with more flexibility, control, and dynamics than a sample set will normally provide.
HarpTime can reproduce the beautiful of the Celtic harp, as well as that of many similar types, such as Japanese (koto), Paraguayan and African harps.
A unique « SelfBend » feature is implemented to emulate the pitch envelope typical of loose strings. In addition, there is an adjustable smoothed Pitch Modulation, controlled by an LFO. The playing style (from soft to hard plucking) can be affected by a « Pick » control which allows variation in the touch of the player. Velocity Sensitivity is adjustable.
HarpTime Description:
– Realistic sound of a harp with true sympahetic resonances (like a real harp).
– 12 individual strings modeled in a physical way (like the physical harp).
– Self-Bend.
– Smooth Pitch Modulation.
– LFO Pitch Bend.
– Adjustable Velocity Sensitivity.
– Pick control.
– Real World Harmonic Structure.

Now there’s no need to use something that « sounds

What’s New in the?

• Synthetic Harp with 12 independent strings, individually modeled to provide sympathetic resonances.
• It is possible to add any number of harps in your mix, without the need to manually multiply the harmonics of each harp.
• Physical Characteristics: A string is modeled by a sinusoidal bell curve, whose frequency is determined by the pitch of the string.
• String Resonance: Due to the placement of the bridge saddle, the string is allowed to bend at its nodal point, allowing the overtones of the string to combine harmonically with those of neighboring strings.
• Plucked: The 12 strings are fed from the imaginary 12 octave keyboard, and are plucked using a virtual fretboard.
• Trill: The position of each string can be modified at any point on the string, allowing accurate trilling.
• Tuning: The tuning of the harp is controlled by a virtual « tailpiece » that allows you to apply arbitrary combinations of finger-bends, string-length adjustments and « turn-on » points.
• MIDI implementation: Each string is connected to a position on the keyboard by a MIDI channel. This allows external controllers such as synths and computers to be operated by traditional keyboard techniques. Each string also has a MIDI controller so that MIDI controls such as velocity sensitivity and cutoffs can be implemented.
• Physical Modeling: Each string is modeled using the mechanism of a self-oscillating mechanical system, which is controlled by various « parameters » such as string length and curvature and nodal point; the choice of parameters allows us to emulate a wide range of harps. The nodal points are the critical variables of the model, and allow us to reproduce the characteristic of a variety of real harps, including the koto, Irish harp, kalimba, santur, jalousie and narfi.
• SelfBend: In addition to the control of the nodal point by the tailpiece, the strings have a « SelfBend » function that is related to the string curvature (in simple harmonic motion), thus allowing a volume envelope to emulate the pitch envelope typical of the many loose harps that have curved strings. This feature can also be used to simulate side bend on plucked instruments, such as the violin.
• Smoothed Pitch Modulation: A « Smoothed Pitch Modulation » LFO modulates the frequency of each string as they bend up and down the

System Requirements:

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