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iRehearse lets you plug in any track, any time, anywhere. The free app includes many of the most popular multi-track audio recording apps on iOS and Android and allows you to navigate and edit multiple tracks. Now you have a tool that’s powerful enough to edit and rearrange complex music tracks, so you can play and practice your tracks with ease.
• Thousands of phrases you can unlock and add to your phrase library.
• Adjustable tempo allows you to sync your phrase to various tempos and speeds.
• Choose from various playback speeds.
• 3 MIDI modes to switch between, including aftertouch, legato, and sustained.
• Phrase picker so you can swipe left and right for phrases.
• Playback and recording view so you can easily play phrases in real time.
• Automatically shift pitch to match the original song.
• Audio EQ to improve the quality of the audio signal.
• Custom sound sets that will adapt the audio to fit your sound profile, create a new sound set, or share it.
• Phrase recording feature for fast and easy transcription.
• Works with apps like Auria (android), Auria (iOS), iTranscribe2 (iOS), and Jamtrack (iOS).
• All phrases are tracked in a phrase library.
• Dozens of different Phrases to choose from.
• Use the phrases to create custom rhythms and solos.
• Automatically transpose the phrases to other keys and/or tempo.
• Play and record songs!
Supported Phrases:
• Samples: All phrases include sample playback.
• iTranscribe2: Phrases from iTranscribe2 are supported.
• Auria: Phrases from Auria are supported.
• AuriaChord: Phrases from AuriaChord are supported.
• Jamtrack: Phrases from Jamtrack are supported.
• iMixcraft: Phrases from iMixcraft are supported.
• iTranscribe: Phrases from iTranscribe are supported.
• iMixcraft: Phrases from iMixcraft are supported.
• iMixcraft + iTranscribe: Phrases from iMixcraft + iTranscribe are supported.
• iTranscribe + Auria: Phrases from iTranscribe + Auria are supported.
• iTransc

IRehearse Crack License Key Full Free Download For PC

Tired of working hard to learn your favourite song and only getting to the chorus? Then iRehearse is here to help you out. Whether it’s a practice session for a live gig or a session for developing a song, iRehearse works for any situation.
iRehearse works on both Macs and Windows, and is simple to use:
• Select a band, vocal or solo track for learning by simply double-clicking the song’s file name
• As you practice, the top of the screen indicates how well you are doing at practicing
• The bottom of the screen shows notes and the song lyrics as well as your practice data, such as the number of errors, the number of correct lines and the current working speed
• As you practice, you can pitch the track up or down by holding Shift and dragging the track up or down the scale
• To decrease or increase your practice speed, you can drag the slider bar and manually adjust the speed
• Once you have practiced the song, the text will be added to the lyrics automatically. To view these lyrics, simply click on the band, or vocal track and the lyrics will appear on the screen
• When you have finished learning a song, open it in the Import Song window. Importing means that all the notes you practiced will be added to the song automatically
• If your band’s working song is too slow, you can use iRehearse to increase the tempo
• To change the speed of the track, simply select Preferences from the Edit Menu and adjust the slider bar
• iRehearse has the following music theory feature:
• If you are learning a song with more than one vocal track, you will be given the option to choose which vocal track you wish to learn the song
• The song will learn the chords and the lyrics, but only the track you select will be played
• To listen to the song, choose the playing track and the looping will start
• To turn off the looping, choose the Audio Options tab and turn off Loop Playing
• Audio
• There are five audio options available: Direct, Priority, Normal, Mix or Silent
• Direct mode places the audio back into the music player when you close the application. It is perfect for practice with no other audio playing
• Priority means that the audio remains playing even if you close iRehearse
• Normal means that the audio always plays in the background, such as if your music

IRehearse Crack+ [Updated] 2022

• Learn phrases easily with an easy to use menu and workflow.
• In one app you will be able to re-learn by playing all tracks perfectly, practice by playing better parts from different instruments, practice playing live with your band or solo on any song and transcribe with lyrics or tablature.
• iRehearse features a real-time audio EQ and dynamically smooths the audio playback for enhanced aural clarity.
• No need to change or adjust your instrument, pick up your phone, open the app and start practicing.
• Version 1.0 available for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad / Retina Display.
• Our features are continually improved and expanded based on your feedback. Please contact us via to report issues.
About the team
iRehearse is the product of a group of musicians, producers, educators and engineers. From the start, we have been passionate about music technology and the relentless pursuit of making great tools for musicians. To this end, we developed iRehearse as a stand-alone product, but are constantly working on ways to integrate the app into other services as well as future versions of other apps.
Our music credentials include:
VCA Studios, LA
The Bamboozle, LA
Quantasound, Chicago
LRD Studios, New York
Soundshed Studio, New York
eOne Music, Los Angeles
Bridget Wilson, New York
We love feedback from other musicians, so please let us know how iRehearse works for you.
You can find iRehearse on:
App Store :
Google Play:

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What’s New In?

– Learn how to play any song with this unique phrase trainer.
– Transcribe tracks with easy to understand diagrams and time-tempo learning.
– Record your own performances and compare with others.
– Adjust the speed of the track to your desired tempo.
– Adjust the pitch of the track by using the slick interface.
– Have the ability to easily and quickly add and remove tracks.
– Export lyrics to PDF file.
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This is an easy to use, effective and inexpensive tool for any practicing musician looking for a way to really increase their skills, and at the same time, learn a new song.
Features include:
✓Transpose between keys without using the keyboard.
✓Practice specific techniques from the song to help you sound better.
✓Export a PDF with complete tabs for every song you learn.
✓Play backwards or loop a practice section.
✓Create 15-minute practice sessions for any song.
✓Help file covers all of the basics you will need to know to learn a song.
✓WarmUpSonic is now on the App Store!
✓Learn how to play any song with this unique phrase trainer.
✓Transcribe tracks with easy to understand diagrams and time-tempo learning.
✓Record your own performances and compare with others.
✓Adjust the speed of the track to your desired tempo.
✓Adjust the pitch of the track by using the slick interface.
✓Have the ability to easily and quickly add and remove tracks.
✓Export lyrics to PDF file.
✓Intuitive and Easy to use.
✓Brought to you by musicians for musicians and lovers of music in general.

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System Requirements For IRehearse:

You need a good internet connection and a solid internet connection to play the game.If you’re not sure if you have a solid connection, you can use this online test that lets you know if your connection is strong enough to play a game:
This website shows you the speed test data in New York, Los Angeles, London, São Paulo and Sydney. Just be sure to test a few different locations and the one with the highest speed will be your ideal download speed.
If you’re using the NY and

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