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The set of images that users need to rotate is usually large, and it often takes some time to scan them all.
This is when the usage of a handy application comes in handy.
The application is known as JPEG Autorotate, and it is designed for those times when you want to rotate only one or a few of the targeted images.
You can use the application to determine which image files contain EXIF data.
This, in turn, enables you to use the entire information to create an icon in the File Explorer to mark the rotated image.
Then, when you want to rotate a whole directory or subdirectory, just navigate to the folder with the application and click the icon created by JPEG Autorotate.
No additional files are created, and no time is lost, since the tool does all the work for you.
This makes the tool a very easy-to-use option when you want to rotate only some of your JPEGs.
There is a convenient batch mode available as well, allowing you to process up to a certain amount of files at a time, and you can even add them to your favorites.
The menu item for folder rotation is automatically created, and it gives you the ability to auto-rotate the directory or subfolder as well.
All the file operations are performed in real time, and you can also assign custom shortcuts to the toolbar buttons.
JPEG Autorotate is a reliable tool, with many advanced features, and it works smoothly in Windows 8 and 8.1.
It also supports the Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems, and you do not need any of the included file extensions to run the software.
You can get the latest update of the tool through the Internet, but we recommend that you download the ISO file, which is available on the Siziproduct website.

JPEG Autorotate Requirements:
You can use JPEG Autorotate on any Windows operating system, from Windows 8.1 to Windows XP.
The tool requires an installer file to work correctly, so you can download it directly from the official website of Siziproduct

JPEG Autorotate Crack + Activation Free [32|64bit] [Updated] 2022

Enhance your video workflow.
Quickly rotate videos and series of video to a specific angle.
Allow users to select the video files you want to rotate, and use a consistent method to rotate your videos.
Simple to use; just select the files and folders you want to rotate, and start the rotation process.
Create EXIF data when you save your video.
No need to lose the EXIF data.
Custom video files can be rotated without losing any EXIF data.
Video can be rotated one by one, or in whole folder.
Image rotation is suitable for photos and other still images.
Image rotation can be used in any situation.
Flexible image rotation, and you can choose to rotate images by 1 degree, 2 degree, 4 degree, 8 degree, 10 degree, 15 degree or 30 degree.
Guarantee to rotate EXIF data in videos.
Create time stamps from EXIF date.
Simple and intuitive user interface.
Support batch processing.
Uninstaller included.
Version: 2.8 Build 3115

Sharpness Viewer Description:
Sharpness Viewer is a program for Windows that allows you to examine the sharpness of pictures. The program displays image sharpness values in different areas on a photograph. The sharpness values can be viewed graphically as dots that are laid on a curve, or as numerical values. The image sharpness of a photo can be examined with the graphs as well as with the numerical values.

Image Magic Description:
This program is designed to help you correct, improve and edit photos.
It can copy a photo to the clipboard for pasting into another application or saving as a new file.
Image Magic has built-in support for RAW, RAW-Raw, TIFF and JPG files.
Using one of the included PhotoPad tools, you can adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, shadows and highlights, gamma, histogram and red-eye for photos with the JPG, RAW, TIFF or RAW-RAW formats.
You can also adjust levels for RAW images and rotate them.
There are also preset adjustment tools available, and you can use a combination of all of the available tools to achieve an optimal result for your photos.
You can also output photos to multiple sizes.
To help you find a good area to crop your photos, you can highlight different areas of a photo in the image viewer, set the destination folder and save the cropped photo.

JPEG Autorotate (April-2022)

What’s New In?

This program changes the orientation of JPEG files automatically. As soon as JPEG files are opened in Windows, this tool checks the position of EXIF data. If the EXIF data is in the front, it rotates the JPEG files in front of the EXIF data.

User reviews

Author: S. Perlissman jpegautorotate Version: Date: 05-06-2011 14:10 Platform: Windows 7 (Win7HomePremium-x64) I had similar problems when i was using a LG G3. I deleted its pictures, while my phone still had them and was able to see their EXIF data.When i inserted the phone with the correct orientation it was rotated automatically. I am also not sure about the EXIF data. I know i must check the delete option in the program, but the phone still had the old exif data

Author: A. Santi-G CXR_PhotoFixerVersion: Date: 05-11-2011 16:41 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (Win7-x64) i use a Samsung i9300 with a i3200. Both phone and program have the same date but both different. When i rotate my phone the program give me a EXIF date from 2004! i need a manual to see if the camera date is correct and need to select what date i want to use

Author: M. S. Germano CXR_PhotoFixerVersion: Date: 05-12-2011 14:56 Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (Win7-x64) i have a problem with the date of exif data, i have a Samsung i9300 and a i3200 both had a date on exif and my samsung was showing the date from 2009, and after i rotate the image i have a date from 2004, im not sure of which date is correct or not, i want to select the date or show both, and how can i do that. i need a manual to do that, any advice please.

Author: J. Medizinalmakler Version: Date: 05-24-2011 11:03 Platform: Windows 7 (Win7HomePremium-x64) i have problem, i have a Fujifilm s60 camera and i can’t rotate photo with jpegautorotate. i have all date data of my camera, but can’t rotate picture because of wrong date of exif data. please can you help me.

Author: tiroles Version: Date: 06-21-2011 17:29 Platform: Windows 7 (Win7HomePremium-x64) When i rotate my photo the exif date of the photo i want to rotate don’t

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Windows 7 CPU: Intel Pentium III
Intel Pentium III Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9 Compatible graphics card
DirectX 9 Compatible graphics card DirectX: Version 9.0c
Version 9.0c Storage: 40 GB available space
40 GB available space Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
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