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Cracked MIDIHUM With Keygen is a simple command line utility designed to modify midi timing
and note velocities slightly by random to humanize a midi song.
Here are some key features of « MIDIHUM »:
■ reads a binary midi file
■ writes a binary midi file
■ modifies timing and note velocities randomly
■ changes machines precision into human variety
When midi songs are recorded by entering notes manually and not playing
life on a keyboard, then the notes are usually placed at exact position
and all quarternotes have identical length. Key Pressure (note velocity)
is then same for whole song. This is how a song is scored but this is not
the method how human play a song. Therefore this manual entered songs
may sound different, it is too exact and human find might them robotic.
This utility tries to put some random varieties on notes, that should not
make severe errors but make the sound more humanized. The errors
remain within giving error range, so the song should not play wrong.
MIDIHUM – Version 1.2.0
Version date: 27.04.2013
– Version info:
* Changes:
• minor improvements:
– Music: more volume and more chord balance
– Error correction: the position can be changed manually,
* Requires:
– installers of Perl
– Any MIDI Player (sampler) like:
– PureData
• Test midi file
1. MIDISAMPLER read/write a test file.
2. go to « File »-> « Open », and select « Test.mid ».
3. Music is not Humanized (default)
• What the file contains:
4. main program should run the test file.
5. go to « File »-> « Open », and select « MIDIHUM.mid ».
6. The song played should be « MIDIHUM ».
7. Press « End », and play the midi file.
8. What the file contains:
9. The song played should be « MIDIHUM ».
10. go to « File »-> « Open », and select « MIDIHUM.mid ».
11. The song played should be « MIDIHUM ».
12. Music played is not Humanized


– midi song selector (receives midi files from command line, makes sure you can enter a midi file and plays it)
– midi file (binary) writer (sends midi file to your midi player program (windows midi player, drum machine))
– midi file (binary) reader (reads midi files from midi file writer, and changes timing and note velocities randomly)
To put a bit random timing and note velocities, a new timing and note velocities table is created for the midi files. This table is saved at config file of MIDIHUM, so you can re-load this table to apply different timing and note velocities again.
Besides, « MIDIHUM » can change midi file precision, if your player program use human precision, you should change the precision in « MIDIHUM » to human precision. (right click -> change)
MIDIHUM.exe Arguments:
-n Number of midi files that are played randomly (when midi is readed from file writer)
-t Table that contains different timing and note velocities. (Only support ttf or.csv file format right now)
-t1 Table that contains different timing and note velocities. (Only support ttf or.csv file format right now)
-t2 Table that contains different timing and note velocities. (Only support ttf or.csv file format right now)
-i File which is used for storing random varinace. (Should be txt or.csv file)
-o File that is used for outputting random varinace. (Should be txt or.csv file)
-c File that is used for sorting, by velocity. (Should be txt or.csv file)
-a File that is used for arranging, by velocity. (Should be txt or.csv file)
-b File that is used for entering notes by hand. (Should be txt or.csv file)
-f File which is used for saving midi files. (Should be txt or.csv file)
-b « b » or « velo » in the command line, decides which parameters are changed. If set « velo », only note velocity is changed. If set « b », only timing is changed.
-d »d » or « inval » in

MIDIHUM Full Version Download For Windows

MIDIHUM [options] [midi input file] [midi output file]
Input file can be any.mid file.
Output file is a new file with same name as input file.
A session input file should be first in the path.
MIDIHUM track1.mid >track1.mid.out
MIDIHUM -s track1.mid -o track1.mid.out
Brief explanation of options:
-s: the midi file.
-o: the midi file.
-l: the output session file.
-d: don’t ask for a confirmation for each change.
-n: don’t write the changed song, just print the result.
-v: verbose.
-q: quiet mode.
-V: print out more information.
-h: print out help.
$midihum -s test.mid -l test.mid.out
Timing modified
Note velocity modified
$midihum -s test.mid -n
Timing modified
Note velocity modified
$midihum -s test.mid -o test.mid.out -n
Timing modified
Note velocity modified
$midihum -s test.mid -l test.mid.out -d
$midihum -s test.mid -l test.mid.out -d
$midihum -s test.mid -l test.mid.out -n -v
Timing modified
Note velocity modified
$midihum -s test.mid -l test.mid.out -n -V
Timing modified
Note velocity modified
Version 1.1
Only print the changed position and velocity.
Print the output message to the stdout.
Increased speed by 25%.
Removed MidiKeyboard class.
Made the MidiKeyboard object a static class.
Use the float instead of double.
Print the position to stdout instead of stderr.
Calculate the midi note amount before toggling it.
Calculate the key press length before toggling it.

What’s New in the MIDIHUM?

Please use this utility to modify timing and note velocities slightly by random to humanize a midi song.
For example:

$ MIDIHUM -b -i -v -o

can be either binary or named midi file. If you want to read
a midi file called « midi.mid », then just put « midi.mid » on the command

is also either binary or named midi file. It will be written
to the same directory.

If is named, then will be named .

If is binary, then will be binary too.

If and are both named, then will be
saved in .

Only one of or can be a binary file.

may be only one file.

must be also one file.

or may be the same file.


If you only want to check your midi files, then no output file will
be created.

For example, just run this command line without the
and you will get a midi file with « MIDIHUM -b -i ».

To convert a midi file into a wav file, then you should run this

$ MIDIHUM -b -i

This will change the timing and note velocities slightly to be

This tool is based on ‘printf’ and ‘random’ command, so it works in
different platforms with different number of floating point precision.
Please check the « UNICODE / ASCII » section for how to
write midi file.

When midi song is played on a keyboard, the recording accuracy is
very high, but human usually do not play note exactly on the keyboard
and play a little slower than some machines can. For example, when
you play « 1-1 » on a piano, you can hear the sound that the note « 1 »
sounds too fast. This is how a song is written, but humans find it too

This tool also changes the timing slightly. For example, when « 1-1 »
sounds too fast, you will get « 1-2-1 » by this tool, which is a little
worse than « 1-1 ». To the human, the timing difference sounds not so
worse. If the song is too

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit only)
MAC OS X 10.6.8 or later
High Graphics Memory (4GB+ recommended)
OS X El Capitan 10.11, Windows 10 build 14393 or higher
Resolution: 1280×720
Sound Card: Optional
High Graphics Memory Recommendation:
4GB (recommended)
Core i3/i5/i7 Processors
2GB Memory
Intel HD Graphics 3000 or Intel


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