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Placebo Cleaner is a “Fake Cleaner” app. It looks like a real cleaner, but it doesn’t do anything to your computer.
What it does:
Placebo Cleaner scans your computer and shows you a fake report with lots of unnecessary repairs and fake fixes.
Placebo Cleaner looks exactly like the real cleaner, because it also uses the same icons and other similar visuals.
But Placebo Cleaner doesn’t make changes to your computer at all. In fact, it’s just a prank app to have fun with your friends and scare them.
Placebo Cleaner is the perfect prank app.



Price: Free

App Size: 27.4 MB

App Latest Version:


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What’s new in this version:

• To improve user experience.
• We have improved the app’s responsiveness and performance.

• To improve user experience.
• We have improved the app’s responsiveness and performance.
• It now works on windows 10.

• Fix crash when uninstalling the app.
• Fix some cases where users get the error « App could not be installed because it’s already installed »
• An update to the Windows phone universal app.

• The app now works on windows 10.
• The app now works on windows 10 mobile.
• We fixed some cases where users get the error « App could not be installed because it’s already installed ».
• It’s now possible to detect bad registry entries and fix them.

• It’s now possible to detect bad registry entries and fix them.

• We fixed some cases where users get the error « App could not be installed because it’s already installed ».
• The app now works on windows 10.
• We fixed some cases where users get the error « App could not be installed because it’s already installed ».

• The app now works on windows 10.

Placebo Cleaner Activation Free Download For PC

KeyMacro comes with a few different features. First, it lets you easily add a macro to a program. For example, you can add a sequence of keystrokes to your Firefox browser so that you don’t have to browse through your search engine list to bring up websites. The second feature is the ability to control a program through a keyboard shortcut. For example, you can open your desktop and select the Firefox browser, then use KeyMacro to choose the menu item where you want to go and then use the shortcut to open the link.
The application supports a variety of windows and applications, including: Windows Explorer, Firefox, Internet Explorer, MS Word, Lotus Notes, LibreOffice, Java, Excel, Firefox browser, Chrome, Adobe reader, Sublime Text, Thunderbird, Skype, and many others.
Control the program you want from the keyboard
KeyMacro lets you control the program you want. For example, you can open your desktop and then right-click on a file and select Open with. From that menu, you can select the program you want to use to open the file and then control that program using the shortcut. Or you can control the desktop itself from KeyMacro by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting the menu option Control Desktop.
You can select one of three ways to launch the program: a keyboard shortcut, an icon, or the name of the program.
KeyMacro also lets you control the name of your favorite desktop items. You can use the keyboard to change the name of your desktop, name your desktop shortcuts, and so on.
Quick-launch from the desktop
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For example, you can use the keyboard to move the desktop item you want to the desktop and then use a keyboard shortcut to move to that item. You can also move items to the desktop and then use the keyboard to open them.
You can also use the keyboard to create a shortcut on your desktop to launch any desktop item.
KeyMacro also lets you get to any desktop shortcut. To do this, click the menu that shows up on the keyboard when you press F1 and then click the option on the menu that matches your shortcut.
Customize your keyboard shortcuts
The program lets you create keyboard shortcuts that are customizable. For

Placebo Cleaner Crack + Download

Want to get rid of the annoying problems that constantly pop up when you’re browsing the Internet or working on your computer? Don’t waste your time with fake scans and complicated utilities. Get rid of your problems the right way – at your fingertips – with the all-in-one Placebo Cleaner.
With one click you can easily repair registry errors, unused RAM, unreadable and unallocated drives, and many other PC issues.
Now this tool does not make any changes to your computer, good or bad! There are no unwanted effects and the app does not leave behind any traces.
Just delete and you’re done!
Main features:
– A new application with just one goal in mind – to fix PC problems.
– It’s free.
– It’s easy.
– You don’t need to know what’s happening under the hood.
– This is a “no-hassle” application.
– You don’t need to wait for the scan to complete – it will inform you right away!
– You can start scanning right away!
– Now it can be installed on Windows 7, 8, 10.
– Placebo Cleaner is very fast.
– Placebo Cleaner is all in one!
– You can adjust the way the app works in Settings.
– You can change the theme.
– You can choose your own language.
– Customize your notifications.
– There are many other features.

Window Color Changer is a PC tweak that automatically changes the window background color. The tool is designed to assist people in redesigning their desktop, as it provides quick color modifications with a simple click.
This little application enables users to change the window background color to whatever one prefers. With just a single click, users can switch the desktop’s background color to any color in the full spectrum. The tool can also change the window’s foreground color and the toolbar’s background color.

The application comes with the option of changing the OS default settings, making sure that the desktop’s color is always on top. In addition, Window Color Changer can also set the number of themes that are available and choose the colors for the default theme. The tweak can be accessed from the system tray, where users can also change the theme and add color themes to their collection.


The tweak

What’s New in the Placebo Cleaner?

Placebo Cleaner is a fast, effective, and free registry cleaner that will check your computer's registry and analyze the problems it detects.

This update includes a complete refresh of the user interface, which is cleaner and easier to use. The tool is now a fast, free, and powerful registry cleaner.
Additionally, you can now get Placebo Cleaner for free from the Support page on our website.
Key Features:
• Clean up the registry.
• Fix problems that aren't recognized by most other tools.
• Manage your registry problems with a fast and easy to use interface.

EXE Toolbox for Windows is the complete collection of executable file utility applications for Windows. EXE Tools provides a set of high-performance, powerful, and easy-to-use tools for you.
With the assistance of EXE Tools, you can view, compress, extract, defrag, optimize, repair, test, and more, all in one place.

EXE Toolbox provides tools for the following:
* Viewing executables: Show file properties, file path, date created and modified, permissions, file size, and more.
* Viewing parts of executable: EXE INFO Viewer allows you to view the information related to a particular part of an executable (code, data, etc.).
* Compress and decompress executable files: EXE ZIP Tool allows you to compress an executable and decompress it. You can use the software to compress or decompress the executable file by specifying the path and a destination folder.
* Extract EXE file: This tool can be used to extract a file from an EXE file. It supports the extraction of EXE, XEXE, STM, DLL, MST, SYS, OLD, XOF, XLS, ORF, RTF, HTML, EXE, and JAV.
* Repair EXE: When your EXE file is corrupt, you can repair it with this tool. The repair option in EXE Toolbox is useful when you encounter EXE file corruption issues. It can scan, repair, and repair EXE file bad sectors, and you can also compress, extract, decompress, and unpack EXE files.
* Decrypt EXE: When your EXE file is encrypted, you can decrypt it with the help of EXE Decrypt tool. It allows you to decode and decode EXE files.
* EXE Info Viewer: A powerful tool to view and process EXE file information. You can also test, repair, decompress, and compress EXE files.
* EXE Cmp/Dif Viewer: A tool to compare and display EXE file properties. You can also open a particular file by specifying its properties. It supports the opening of EXE, XEXE, STM, DLL

System Requirements:

In The Beginning…
Above is a still from our first demo prototype. It showed a bit more life in the eyes than the final version but this was the version that was shown to the press and press screenings.
The prototype had to be built and we had absolutely no money so it was done with a combination of ingenuity and some pretty old school tech. To put this into perspective, the prototype was using a NEC PC-9801 – only costing $300 – and was running a PC-XT. Not exactly game changing specs but what an interesting platform it was

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