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Made as the portable edition of Prolog+CG, this is a small-sized software application written in Java, which provides you with a user-friendly IDE for Prolog, the programming language used for AI and computational linguistics.
No setup necessary, besides Java
As long as you have Java installed, you can simply drop Prolog+CG's files in a custom location on the disk or on a removable storage unit and directly launch it on any computer. An important aspect worth noting is that, unlike most installers, it doesn't add new entries to the Windows registry or Start menu, thus leaving no traces behind after removal.
Write Prolog code and deploy applets
The interface consists of a command-line dialog and a graphical window which run together side by side. In the main frame you can type or paste Prolog code, save it as a Prolog+CG file (.prlg, .plgcg), as well as configure settings before deploying the applet when it comes to the title, width and height, number of boxes and buttons, along with box and bbutton labels. Alternatively, you can import an applet from a pre-existing XML file.
Customize app options
It's possible to jump to a specific line of code, change the font size and make text bold, compile the project, stop the execution, and ask the tool to answer questions written in the Prolog code. The application also has a built-in list with descriptions about primitive goals (e.g. arithmetic, relational, randomness, logical).
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven't come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the utility didn't hang, crash or display error messages. It had minimal impact on the machine's performance, using low CPU and memory.
On the other hand, its set of features and configuration settings is not rich. Nevertheless, Prolog+CG supplies you with a clear-cut environment for implementing Prolog code.







Prolog+CG Portable 2.1.34 Crack Download [Latest 2022]

Tested on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Tested on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS


No setup necessary, except for Java
Supports Prolog+CG files (.prlg)
Includes a comprehensive user manual


On the interface, buttons and text fields are basically non-configurable, so it’s possible to forget about setting them up before deployment
No rich applet configuration settings

Which tool do you use for writing Prolog code in a handy IDE, and if you do, what is your experience with it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Java is an open-source programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and acquired by Oracle Corporation. At this time, it’s also one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

This year, the company introduced an open-source version of the Java Virtual Machine and will further step up the release of this open-source Java Virtual Machine. As we’re all aware, Java 8 is far more superior to Java 7, and it’s the future of Java, too.

Java 8 is built on a series of changes to the language that make it more consistent, offering additional performance and dynamic features, and bringing in several new application programming interfaces, among other changes.

However, Java 8 takes away some of the strength that we have learned from Java 7, such as its ability to be cross-platform and memory-safe, and it requires users to be connected to the internet to run Java code.

So, Java 8 isn’t a trusted choice of technology for Internet of things (IoT) devices and closed software that requires high performance. However, it may not be an ideal choice for all cases.

Therefore, we recommend you to have a look at this little gem before you decide to use Java for your project.

What’s better, Java 8 or Java 7?

Both Java 7 and Java 8 are the newest release of the Java programming language, and they are expected to be released in future months. As such, users can download the latest versions of Java 8 right now, and we suggest you to do so.

However, for whatever reason, most people and companies are still using Java 7 for their projects and programs. So, here’s a quick comparison of Java 8 and Java 7.

Java 8 Pros and Cons


It provides more enterprise

Prolog+CG Portable 2.1.34 Crack License Key Full

Prolog+CG is a free tool that enables users to write and deploy simple Prolog code (no more than 8 lines of code can be written in the IDE).
Prolog+CG allows users to write and execute Prolog code in a simple manner (no more than 8 lines of code can be written in the IDE).
Prolog+CG also enables users to deploy their Prolog apps as standalone Java applications on Windows.

Prolog+CG is mainly composed of two parts:

The Programming Environment – a command-line software with a friendly graphical interface designed for writing and deploying Prolog apps.
The Deployer – the Java-based code that deploys the Application.

Prolog+CG can be used to write Prolog code and deploy it as standalone Java applications. The installer will automatically generate a.jar file, which is ready to be installed or uninstalled.
Please refer to the manual for further information about the installation, uninstallation and usage of Prolog+CG.
Questions and Answers:

What is the problem?
Prolog+CG doesn’t provide extensive configurable features.
What can I do?
Use the software.
What is the cost?
It’s completely free.
Is it worth it?
It’s free.


The program seems to be a version of Prolog+CG Editor, which contains an interpreter, which executes your code. It is a nice editor, very small and easy to learn.
You can download it from here:
The file « » you referred to is a version of the Prolog interpreter, which can be used standalone.


The problem is not to use a Prolog+CG or another IDE, but to misuse the features of an IDE.

create a.prlg file
start the editor
type the lines: 1
save the file
close the editor
type the lines again
save the file
save the file as.prlg, if you are using Windows; or as.plgcg, if you are on OS X or on Linux; or copy the resulting file to your hard disk.
open the file with the editor you use.

All of the above steps are unnecessary, and the final.prlg or.plgcg is probably not what you want.

Prolog+CG Portable 2.1.34 With License Key

* Free
* Portable
* Integration with Java
* Easy to use
* Easy to read
* Supports association between CLI and GUI
* Controls what appears in the GUI
* No files to setup

Use the SAPBW process verification component to conduct accurate qualification testing across multiple platforms and configurations.

Automate SAP BW testing by incorporating SAPBW process verification

SAP BW is a complex and powerful tool for business intelligence that is delivered as part of SAP NetWeaver. This tool is a key component in various projects within the IT landscape. It can be referred to as a « black box, » with developers accessing it through an ETL process, such as from or to Excel. With SAP BW, you can create new connections to relational and online analytical processing (OLAP) databases. It can also connect to operational databases, such as Oracle, MSSQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

But this powerful tool comes with the challenge of requirements tuning, including testing. To guarantee success, test automation in the most appropriate way is critical. The process automation vendors’ expertise, tools and feature sets are all different, but one solution should be chosen to make sure that tests are conducted in a way that fits the business needs. In case you are using SAP BW to maintain and document business requirements for new products and services, the SAP BW process verification component can help streamline the testing process.

SAP BW’s processes are usually independent from each other, and only a handful are connected to the database itself. These processes are often created for a specific environment and for a specific unit, but they are mostly a static collection of elements. This adds the complexity of maintaining the processes and making the processes run correctly, as well as ensuring that you have the right set of processes to interact with the available components. If errors are found in a process, you have to identify and decide which are the root causes. Processes are usually defined per user or groups, but they are seldom defined per unit, and the terminology for processes is not standardized.

The process verification component, available as a browser-based tool, can help you identify errors in the process definitions. It can be used in conjunction with the standard SAP BW testing tools, such as Transaction M, because these tools help you find errors in the process definitions. SAP BW process verification can be a virtual tool, but it can also be used directly against a business process (a.k.a. document) or workflow instance.

SAP BW process

What’s New In?


Read more



388.0 MB


A Windows EXE platform-independent app

Compared to other software similar to our Programmatic Tool for Translating Prolog Programs into Applet Formats, FreeProlog+CG Portable offers a more advanced set of features, such as configuration options, evaluation of Prolog goals, and even custom help.

FreeProlog+CG Portable comes with a detailed Help menu which takes you through all the available details, such as its native API and the program’s main features and parameters.

We haven’t come across any stability issues in our tests, thanks to the fact that the utility didn’t hang, crash or display error messages. It had minimal impact on the machine’s performance, using low CPU and memory.

Portability on Windows computers

Prolog+CG Portable runs on Windows in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, it doesn’t require Java 7 or 8, and it doesn’t insert entries to the Windows registry. This means you can install it in a custom location on the disk or on a USB stick and simply run it in any computer.

Easy installation

While Prolog+CG Portable uses the Add/Remove feature of Windows, you can easily install it using a shortcut (.lnk) file in your installation directory, which, depending on the computer’s setup, can also be in the Start Menu. The software also can be redistributed as an MSI installer, which other Windows apps recommend having on the machine.

The fact that the implementation isn’t built directly for Windows makes its installation process more complex, as it requires the Java runtime environment and the JDK or JRE. Other than that, you also have to use the File and Send To options. However, the execution of the application during installation doesn’t leave any traces, so after uninstalling it and removing any files from the system registry, you will be left with a clean Windows.

Custom installation path

You can change the installation path for Prolog+CG Portable, using the -path parameter from the command line, which defaults to the JRE installation folder. You also have the option to completely remove all Prolog+CG’s files from the system’s registry.

You can also create a shortcut to the.prlg file of an application when

System Requirements For Prolog CG Portable:

Memory: 512 MB RAM
Processor: 2GHz Processor or better
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or later
Hard disk: 20GB hard disk space
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