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Promo SMS Sender is a software tool which provides a simple means of sending messages to a large group of people, through a connected GSM modem or phone.
Clear-cut interface
The installation process only lasts a few seconds, as it does not offer to download or add products that are not actually necessary for the program to function properly. When you are done with it, you come face to face with a simple and intuitive interface. It is comprised of a menu bar, a few buttons and panes, and multiple tabs, thus allowing for a quick access to all available options.
It becomes quite clear that both power and novice users can learn how to find their way around it, without experiencing any kind of issues.
Import contacts and manage them
This software utility enables you to manually add contacts, along with details that you might deem useful, such as name gender, birthday and city, or you can import data from CSV and TXT files with just a click of the button. Aside from that, you can organize all of them into groups, so that you can target your information in a more efficient manner.
Write SMSs, schedule tasks and configure settings
It supports both UCS2 and 7 bit encoding, while the total number of characters a message can incorporate are 160 or 70, depending on the type of encoding used. You can also cut, copy, paste and delete elements, undo and redo actions, as well as schedule tasks and close the program or shutdown the computer when they are done.
From the settings panel you can change the date and time format, specify validity period for SMS and enable a pause after each SMS. The program’s skin can also be changed and another language can be chosen from the built-in list.
Bottom line
In conclusion, Promo SMS Sender is a pretty efficient piece of software, dedicated to people that want to create SMS marketing campaigns. The interface is accessible to all users, the CPU and memory usage is minimal and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for quite a while.







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About us is a multi-platform publisher of apps, games and software.

You can be assured that Softonic will always entertain you solution of your technological needs.Trust in the Financial Services Industry

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Are you at risk of falling victim to the latest Internet banking scams? Learn how to recognize fraud and who you should contact at the FTC’s Web site.

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I’m in Canada and I get to upload about 15 GB

Promo SMS Sender Crack + For Windows [Updated] 2022

Windows 98/98 SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2003/2008/Vista
32 bit version
Minimum System Memory 2 megabyte
Processor Pentium® 100mhz or better
RAM 512 MB is required
Format: OS: Install Drive C:\ OR D:\ Format File: GBK (CP932) OR CP1252 If you using Win98 to install, you can install Driver software as the long time after the Win98 installed, driver software will disappear, you need reinstall Win98, and reinstall your Driver software and Connect / All, it will help you.
GSM handsets (GPRS enabled)
Settings section:
Date & Time
Sends a tone to each contact you schedule in your export data with messages.
Remove All Tone / Features /
Manage and Modify Tone /
Create / Modify Tone /
Import Message / Export Message /
Export Txt / Export Csv /
Schedule Task /
Save Settings /
System Info
Custom Code
Date and Time
Settings and custom code can be saved as ‘Txt’ or CSV file. The file names are Settings.Txt or Settings.csv and the data is saved under ‘Custom Code’ in the settings window.
Import message: import the content from txt, csv or xml file. the import file must have the.xml extension.
Export message: export the content to txt, csv or xml file.
Export Txt: export the content in txt format.
Export csv: export the content in csv format.
Import contacts: import data from txt, csv or xml file.
Clean: clean the log file and remove the log file in the log folder.
Modify Tone: editing sound for tone can be modified. you can choose different sounds.
Gain: gain controle for the send tone, you can set the duration of the tone and for each contact you can set the volume by duration.
Frequency: frequency controle for the send tone, you can set the duration of the tone and for each contact you can set the frequency.
Custom Code: the custom code is used to extend the properties of the send tone.

Part 3. The Real Time Player:Features/Packs
What do you need to install a Real Time Player?

Promo SMS Sender Free

Promo SMS Sender help you to send customized Promotional SMS to your Customers.

Everyone loves to receive SMS as it not only brings them good services but also costs less than other modes of communication. So, SMS marketing is very popular nowadays. SMS marketing is a strategy to promote your product or services using SMS. To make it happen, you need to send customized Promotional SMS text to your customers. There are several types of SMS Marketing, which are – 1) Corporate SMS – and 2) Promotional SMS. In the latter, there are two types of promotional SMS:


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What’s New In?

Simple and convenient! The v1.1 update contains bug fixes, a slideshow when composing messages, and a few new languages.

So! We are excited to share our first ‘service pack’ for Promo SMS Sender. We now have implemented a slideshow and a menu bar for composing your messages. This allows for a more convenient composition while composing your messages.

I hope you like the change.

Here’s how you can update now:
1. Connect with your computer to your phone via USB cable, or by using a local DNS server.
2. Open the ‘Settings’ panel.
3. A small triangle up top should appear.
4. Click it.
5. The ‘About Promo SMS’ section will appear.
6. You’ll see the version number
7. Click ‘Install’.
8. The application will automatically update itself.

Note, a menu bar cannot be enabled when SMS is enabled in the ‘Settings’ panel.
This is a bug that has been corrected.

Bugs Fixed

When you hit the ‘Cancel’ button in the settings panel, you’re stuck in an infinite loop of ‘Cancel’. This issue has been addressed.

When using your phone as a DNS server, a workaround is to use your phone’s IP address instead of the IP address of the computer.

There was an issue where ‘Add’ would not appear. This has been corrected.

The bug with the slider was causing too many items to be displayed at once. The slider has been modified to no longer display more than 3 ‘Categories’ at once.

If you are using an image, the image will not display in the compose window.

Promo SMS


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Our company was founded in 2010 by two mathematicians, who were working as architects in which they were

System Requirements For Promo SMS Sender:

Intel Pentium D 3.06 Ghz or equivalent AMD Athlon XP 3.00 Ghz or equivalent
256 MB RAM
20 MB Hard Drive
Windows 2000
Mouse and Keyboard
DirectX 9.0c
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Version 1.0
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