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Radiotochki Plus Free For PC [Updated-2022]

Radiotochki Plus is a software program developed specifically to aid individuals in listening to several radio channels, record songs and save them to the hard drive.
Seamless setup and straightforward environment
The installation process does not last more than a few seconds and it does not bring any kind of unpleasant surprises. When you are done with it, you are met with a simple and clean interface, which is comprised of a few buttons and a slider bar to help you adjust the volume. Anybody can learn how to work with it, without facing difficulties, regardless of their experience level.
View a list of all available stations
This tool comes bundled with a very long list of radio channels, from the more popular ones such as Pianorama, Radio 24, Magic FM and Radio Rock Online, to the ones less known. This list is placed in the main window as a list thus enabling you to change the station with great ease.
Use the playback buttons and record shows
It is possible to play and stop any channel with the help of the playback buttons integrated, as well as record a song or a show that you like, and save it to a custom location on the hard drive in an MP3 format. Moreover, you can add certain stations to Favorites and edit their name and URL.
Use the built-in equalizer and keyboard shortcuts
An equalizer is featured in the settings panel, while you can also set the utility to launch at Windows startup and begin with the most recently played station. Hotkeys are available for almost all actions available, yet they cannot be customized.
Bottom line
In conclusion, Radiotochki Plus is a pretty decent piece of software for those interested in listening to the radio. It does not burden the computer’s performance as the resource requirements are minimal, the response time is quite good and the interface is user-friendly. However, you should know that the majority of the radio channels incorporated are in Russian.FIFA Mobile | Global Leaderboard

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Radiotochki Plus Crack [Updated-2022]

Radio and Radio TV programs. Collect, record, and list channels, programs, and radio broadcasts. The program features multiple timers.

What’s new in this version:

• Fixed: « Edit in Windows Explorer » didn’t work
• Added: « Download » button, which downloads files from the host computer to your PC
• Added: About window that includes important information about the application and links to official site, programmer’s page, and all known bugs
• Added: Ability to change the radio station, mute it, and adjust the volume
• Added: Ability to record and play live radio
• Added: Command line switch, -B to enable or disable Buffer, -R to specify buffer size, -E to enable or disable anti-echo, -R to enable or disable remote listening to stations, -V to increase volume
• Fixed: The « Cleanup after recording » function didn’t work
• Fixed: You could not open the program by clicking the shortcut in the Start Menu

-Beefed up features, less bugs-Fixed now:…

What’s new in version 3.7:

• Ability to set hours of the day to be remembered by the application.
• The main window’s text was added. You can change the radio station, mute it, and adjust the volume in the main window.
• New function of list stations was added. It allows you to see a list of all available stations.
• You can now store a station to Favorites.
• The result of the search function was enhanced.
• The program was optimized for better efficiency.

-Beefed up features, less bugs-Fixed now:

1. Radiotochki Plus Cracked Version 3.7 is unable to record radio broadcasts that are not working.
2. The program is unable to record radio stations that are not broadcasting.
3. You can no longer open the program by clicking the shortcut in the Start Menu.
4. The list of the records was not displayed when the radio broadcasts had ended.

Developer: G. Tikhonov

File size: 14.9 MB

What’s new in version 3.8:

• Application icon was added to the Start Menu.
• Fixed: The program did not work if multiple instances were opened simultaneously.
• Fixed: A recording was not saved when the radio was paused.
• Fixed: A recording was not saved after the program was

Radiotochki Plus Crack+

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