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RichOrPoor is a simple to use application designed to help you manage your budget, as well as supervize investments, savings accounts and keep a record of all the transactions you undertake. The software features a user-friendly interface and it can generate detailed reports and graphs, to reflect your current situation.
A reliable financial management assistant
RichOrPoor is designed to help you manage personal finances or implement it into small businesses. It can keep track of multiple accounts, transactions, investments evolution and overdue bills. It can help you organize savings plans, bill payments and future investments, in an easy to use environment.
You can configure multiple types of accounts, such as savings, checking, bank, asset, liability, creditor’s rights, investments or custom accounts. Each one presents certain particularities, but, generally, you can record both payments and income with each type of account. The software can calculate the overall assets and liabilities afferent to your financial situation.
Keep a tight record and generate periodical reports
Each transaction can be marked accordingly, as check, deposit, transfer, withdrawal or ATM service. Similarly, each type of payment can be sorted into subcategories, in order to establish correct monthly statistics. You may view the list of all the accounts listed in the dedicated tab, along with the account number, type, financial institution you are registered with and the current balance.
RichOrPoor can generate several reports, either as an informational sheet or as a graph, with comprehensive titles such as Spending Habits, Income versus Spending, What I Have or How I’m Doing on My Budget. Consulting the reports can be useful in scheduling future expenses, as well as monitoring the spending trends.
Budget monitor and finance consultant
RichOrPoor enables you to identify patterns in money spending, as well as offer you an overview on the important expenses and the account replenishing rate. It can help you setup healthy financial habits, as well as create savings plans at appropriate moments. Moreover, it can generate explanatory reports reflecting general creditors and the situation of debts.









RichOrPoor [April-2022]

New! RichOrPoor Crack Free Download 2.0 offers advanced features to enable you to get all the personal finance and budgeting information you need in a single, simple-to-use application. It can be used to manage multiple accounts and monitor the spending and income. Each account type comes with its own unique list of bank accounts and services offered.
Additional features:

With so many of our readers, we try to get to know you, and we want to hear your views. What do you like most about this software? What should be improved in it? What features should be improved or added to the software? We love to hear your ideas, so send them to us!



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RichOrPoor (LifeTime) Activation Code For Windows

KeyMacro is a budget tool and financial management software application that can be used for both personal and business finance. The main features of this program include: Accounts Manager, Project Manager, Finance Manager, Tasks Manager, Accounts View, Maintanance, Banking, Budgeting, Statistics, Categories, Quotes, Interested, Discounts, Defaults, Loans, Defaulting, Payments, Autofill, and much more…

Recent changes: 3.0.0: Bug fixes
3.0.1: Minor fixes.

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RichOrPoor Crack + Activation Code With Keygen Download [Win/Mac]

RichOrPoor is a finance manager that helps you keep track of personal money. With just a few clicks you can manage your finances and get an overview of your income and expenses. RichOrPoor is a free to use tool. You can also purchase in-app upgrades and add new features.
– Manage and track your money
– Import your accounts and transactions from any Windows Phone
– Multiple accounts management
– Calculate expenses
– Generate insightful reports
– Automatic payments
– Manage your budget
– Loan and tax planning
– Spend smarter
– Manage your expenses
– Budget planner
– Create savings plans
– Track your cash flows
– Manage your investments
– Web service client for contacts import
– Manage your account details
– Import CSV files
– View transaction history
– Scan QRCodes
– Set budget, receive reminders
– Save reminders
– Set up recurring payments
– Set up savings plans
– Manage your creditors
– Show budgets
– Save budgets
– Set up asset management
– Export reports
– Track your credit score
– View your balances
– Import your contacts
– Generate insightful reports
– Filter transactions
– Delete transactions
– Manage your assets
– Save your assets
– Manage taxes
– Generate tax reports
– Set up companies
– Import CSV files
– View transaction history
– Export CSV files
– Export XLSX files
– Scan QR codes
– Set up recurring payments
– Plan budgets
– Manage your creditors
– Set up asset management
– Sort transactions
– Sort accounts
– Sort payments
– Sort assets
– Export transactions
– Transfer funds
– Export transactions
– Manage expenses
– Track expenses
– Assign expenses to transactions
– Export expenses
– Manage your loans
– Assign loans to transactions
– Delete loans
– Manage your assets
– Assign assets to loans
– Edit transactions
– Manage your investments
– Assign investments to transactions
– Edit investments
– Manage taxes
– Assign taxes to transactions
– Export taxes
– Generate tax reports
– Import loans
– Import taxes
– Import assets
– Generate statements
– Import payments
– Import bills
– Import debts
– Assign debts to bills
– Delete debts
– Manage your accounts
– Manage accounts
– Calculate balances
– Calculate balances with sub

What’s New in the RichOrPoor?

RichOrPoor is a powerful money management software, designed to help you manage your financial situation, as well as supervise investments, savings accounts, bill payment and keep a record of all your transactions.
The software features a simple interface, intuitive menu system and it can generate a lot of detailed reports and graphs. With it, you can schedule and keep track of the monthly expenses and investments, along with a detailed financial overview of the accounts.
RichOrPoor can be set to work with multiple accounts, as checking, savings, bank, asset, liability, creditor’s right or investment accounts. With it, you can record and analyze payments, check for overspending and even generate periodical reports. RichOrPoor can monitor and evaluate the spending habits, as well as create savings plans to tackle future expenditures.
What’s New in This Release:
Added financial advisor with options to view the stocks and transfer money to investment accounts.
Added more deposits options.
Added two new financial advisors.
Added integration with Simple Bank.
Added a tool to open additional financial advisor windows.
Added a warning when trying to open two financial advisors at the same time.
Bug fixes and improvements.\#1\#2\#3\#4[\#1\#2\#3\#4]{} \#1\#2\#3\#4\#5[\#1\#2\#3\#4\#5]{}



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System Requirements For RichOrPoor:

OS: Win 7, Vista, XP
Windows XP:
RAM: 1 GB of RAM or higher.
4 GB or higher for Vista, or 2 GB or higher for Windows 7.
Video Card: 256 MB graphics card or higher.
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compliant sound card
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz processor or better.
If you have a 64-bit operating system, then you will need a 64-bit version of the game. We recommend using the Ultimate version.

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