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Official description of Scrapboy
Send a message to other online friends.
Add color and style to your scraps.
Add links to your scrapbook.
Send and receive scraps from other online friends.
Save a copy of the scrap you are viewing.
Paste a scrap from clipboard.
Simple utility applications that anyone can use, simple and free.
Practical utility application to send and receive instant scraps to and from your online friends.
Send and receive scrapbook updates from your friends.
Send and receive scraps from your online friends without a browser.
This tool increases the usability of the scraps over the other scrap service.
Scrapbook Updates.
Scrapbook Updates lets you follow what your friends have uploaded and design your own scrapbook with various styles.
You can choose the size, arrange the colors, select a background and save it.
You can design and style your scrapbook as you like without the hassle of the other tools.
Select an image from your picture library and add it to your scrap.
You can design your scrapbook by choosing from the various scrapbook themes.
Write text or send messages using your keyboard.
Enter your words in the text box and click the Done button.
Only the names of your online friends appear in the drop-down list.
You can add more online friends with this application.
Scrapbook Theme.
Scrapbook is very easy to use, however the scrapbook settings change the look of your scrapbook and its design.
Your scrapbook themes are here to provide a more specific look.
Select any scrapbook theme you like and save your work.
Here are two scrapbook themes to try:

Scrapbook Theme 1

Scrapbook Theme 2

Now you can choose the color of your scraps and the designs you want.
Use the Scrapbook Theme editor to customize the scrapbook.
Search for images:

Select one of the four scrapbook themes to follow.
Choose the number of colors you want in your scrapbook.
Choose from the existing scrapbook themes or create your own.
Scroll through the scrapbook themes and select one you like.
Select the photograph or design from the scrapbook theme.
Click Add to start saving your work.
Here are the scrapbook themes available:

Comes with preset scrapbook themes.
It also includes color presets that allow you to match the colors of the scrapbook to

Scrapboy Crack+ With License Code

Scrapboy is a social scrapbooking application. It enables you to send and receive scraps in the Orkut social networking website. You can easily add color and style to your scraps. It enables you to read your friend’s scrapbook without visiting their profile.
How to install Scrapboy on your PC or Mac computer?
Please follow below steps to install the Scrapboy on your computer:
1. Download Scrapboy ( file from our site (
2. Extract the files of Scrapboy to your desktop.
3. Double click on Scrapboy.exe application to run the application.
4. Click on the top left green button, « OK » button to accept the terms of use.
5. Add Scrapboy.jar to your Java installation.
6. Re-start your computer.
7. Scrapboy will start in your desktop. You can find Scrapboy application icon in the menu bar of your desktop.
8. Click on the Scrapboy icon to start the Scrapboy.
9. Click on the top right green button « OK » to accept the terms of use.
10. Create a new scrapbook.
11. Search for a topic of your interest.
12. Select a scrap (here you can add color and style to your scrap)
13. Click on « I accept » button to accept terms of use.
14. Select a scrapbook name.
15. Click on « Upload Scraps » button to start uploading your scraps.
16. Click on « OK » button to accept the terms of use.
17. To view your friend’s Scrapboy scrapbook, click on the top right button « View Profile ». Orkut automatically generates a scrapbook with your friend details. You can add colors and styles to your scraps.
18. Click on the top right button « Visit Profile » to view your friend’s profile.
19. To add your friend to scrapbook list, click on the top right button « Add Friend ».
20. Create a list of friends you wish to include in your Scrapbook.
21. Click on the top right button « Add My Friends to Scrapbook » to accept the terms of use.
22. Click on the top right button « OK » to accept the terms of use.
23. Click on the

Scrapboy Crack+

* Relive your childhood with Scrapboy
* More than 150 UI & Layout options to create even the most sophisticated scrapbook
* Take control of your scrapbooking activity with automatic layout detection, import of archive pictures and scaling and letterboxing of albums
* Upload pictures to your albums, include them in your scrapbooks and add a comment to your picture
* You can also receive and send messages directly from the application
* Access your friend’s scrapbook pages with the features provided by the application
* You can import and export your data to easily save it in the


Scrapballow for scrapbookers!(by Scrapbook Pro)

Scrapbook Pro Inc. recommended




5 Reviews for Scrapboy

Review of Scrapboy


Scrapboy for Scrapbookers

I’m a fan of scrapbooking. I love gathering all my pictures and arranging them in scrapbooks. My fiance and I decided to create scrapbooks for our wedding. We thought, why not start with what we want and see what the scrapbook publishers offer. This app is so great! You can choose fonts, colors, design templates to match your style and theme, import pictures and add them directly to the scrapbook, and much, much more. You’ll be amazed at the results! Let me explain, there are three ways to view your scrapbooks: 1) click on the thumbnail to open the scrapbook. 2) swipe the pages to view your scrapbook. 3) click on the page to open the full size photo. There is also a way to mark the scrapbook as read. I’m here to rave about the Scrapboy app. Thank you Scrapbook Pro for this wonderful app.

Paste Previewer

Paste Previewer for Windows

Paste Previewer for Windows does not register as a service. This means you can stop it at any time without having to relaunch it!
You can also easily create a new serial number for it if you want to re-activate a running instance of it.
It can be quite useful for testing an app prior to installation, to see how well it might perform after being ran by the system.


Paste Previewer

It can be very useful for

What’s New In?

The Scrapboy project allows the users to send/receive friends « scraps ». The original aim of the project was to create a visual and social tool in the way we communicate with our friends on the internet. But even if the original idea was to create a tool for conversation, the developers thought it would be possible to implement the concept of « scraps » on other situations. So it is the first purpose of the app to allow users to scrap their friends using the « friend’s scrapbook » feature.
The « scrap » concept is the term used to designate an instant communication exchanged i.e. any type of communication without any need for interaction between two computers.
So the app Scrapboy allows a user to send and receive these « scraps » in a friend’s scrapbook.
This kind of communication requires that the users are logged on to the Orkut website at the same time.
What if you are not logged on at the same time?
You can still « scrape » your friends scraps. But for this you must log on the Orkut website, be logged in to Scrapboy and give the permission to the app to scrape the scrapbook of your friends.
Like this:
We need some features to work properly with the Orkut API. So we created the Scrapboy API Explorer://

Trunkers is an immensely satisfying experience. It gives you an unobstructed view of your journey, reminding you of the people you’ve been, the road you’ve been on, and your growing experiences.
You start with a blank canvas, an onion an incomplete journal. Then you add, jot down or begin to get to know the people and places that make up your life. With a few taps and swipes, you =
can add, simplify, collect, or create pages for other travelers, friends, colleagues, or family members.
The pages you create become tangible, taking on their own being, other then your own.
With your own body of work, even if incomplete, you can share the pictures of your trip, or the moments and thoughts that brought it to life, with others.
The Pages of Trunkers
What do you see when you open your trunk? Or,
What does your trunk look like?
You can see the contents of your trunk or range of

System Requirements:

Supported Platforms: Windows Vista
Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium II 400 MHz or later
Memory: 256 MB of RAM
Hard disk: 1 GB free hard disk space
Video Card: Compatible DirectX 9 video card
Input: Compatible mouse and keyboard
Additional Notes:
The file size may be larger than anticipated, depending on the video card and monitor set up.
The cutscenes were created using the Advanced Graphics Pack for XNA

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