self-learning methods

Self-knowledge over the edge, » Vladimir apologized, taking off his glasses.

– Uh-huh, apologize, and I’ll think of something about blood, too.

– Olya… » he said quietly. – I have to tell you.

She turned to him and smiled.

« Why can’t you smash his face in? » – thought the captain.

…Then Olga cried for a long time while he pulled the overalls over her head. She didn’t want to, but he had to.

By evening the last preparations were finishing at the base. The captain went to the « liquidators » right after dinner.

– What to do with it?

– Hang it in the wall.

He walked past another corpse, examined the corpse of a dog.

Dogs were everywhere, even in the warehouse. A virus had entered the warehouse from somewhere and wiped out most of the dog population in one fell swoop. Now there are very few of them, let alone the human population, left. And, in principle, there is nothing left to survive. But an epidemic in a designated area could be contained.

The captain looked at the corpse of the dog. There was something about it that wasn’t right.

Or maybe it was.

Putting his foot on the steel grate that closed the exit to the outside, he stared at the dead animal for a long time. He inhaled heavily and the smell of madness reached his ears.

It seemed to the captain that he uttered it aloud:

– Someone is walking around here!

– No, there isn’t!

He turned around sharply several times and almost ran through the whole department, looked into every container, turned in the aisles a couple of times, counted other people’s footprints, asking himself the question that seemed long overdue in his mind:

How could this have happened?

Try here

Why had the virus ended up in the exact container where the dog’s previous corpse had lain?

And why had the whole pack escaped from the warehouse? Were they frozen? But then all the food would have gone missing.