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SuperNote Pro is a practical tool for creating text notes and synchronizing them on multiple computers. The program is designed to take advantage of the Asus Webstorage service in order to store the notes in the cloud.
The interface is easy to use and allows you to create multiple notebooks which include all your notes related with a certain topic. You can organize notes on multiple pages, change their order and duplicate a certain note using the context menu.
To create a note you have the option to enter text from the keyboard or use freehand tools such as pens and markers. The information can be enhanced by adding images, shapes and time stamps which enable you to sort pages chronologically.
If you need to share a certain page or notebook you have the possibility to print a page, export it as a PDF or JPG file and send it via email. Unlike other applications, this tool allows you to send messages without using an external email client.
The main advantage of the program is the ability to upload your notes to the Asus Webstorage account in order to access them on any PC. However, you can still create local notebooks that are only saved on the hard drive.
Since the program does not include any documentation, you need to test each feature in order to view what you can do with it. However, the interface is intuitive and allows you to edit, sync and share your notes with minimum effort.
Overall, SuperNote Pro is an efficient note organizer that requires insignificant resources and can boost your productivity when you need to share certain notes with colleagues or friends.







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*Create multiple notebooks for separate topics
*Organize notes on multiple pages
*Search text or hyperlink text
*A text can be enhanced by adding images, shapes and time stamps.
*Add notes to a page by selecting a range of text in the same way you drag objects in Microsoft Word.
*You can also search for a range of text, hyperlink, image or shape.
*A Notebook can be exported as a PDF file and saved as a JPG file.
*You can send a notebook with your message via email.
*Print a specific page or notebook.
*Let users enter text directly from the keyboard.
*Add time stamps to a page in order to organize your notes chronologically.
*Create a local notebook to save your notes.
The users can export a note for printing or export a notebook as a PDF file to be sent via email.
*You can create notebooks on the Asus Webstorage service to share the notes with other people.
A Notebook can be sent as an email attachment or saved as a PDF file. You can also print a Notebook.
*Create a Webnotebook for each notebook from which you can easily access them
*You can sort your notes by Month, Day, Year or by Notebook.
*You can open a Notebook directly from the browser.
*Add a time stamp to the Notebook.
*Select the Notebook to continue with the next page.
*You can select the pages you want to save by using the Ctrl+click.
*Add any kind of content to the Notebook and select the new items from the context menu.
*Use the Save Notebook dialog box to make a single page or select a range of pages from the Notebook.
*Create an image from the Notebook and insert it into the Notebook.
*You can also copy a shape and paste it into the Notebook.
*A shape can be used to create a custom border around a page.
*You can lock a page so the user can’t edit it.
*You can lock a Notebook so the user can’t add pages to it.
*You can drag pages to a new position in the notebook.
*You can sort the notes by Page, Notebook or a custom date and time.
*Print a page, Notebook or selected pages.
*You can add text and link to a page.
*You can copy

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SuperNote is an innovative note taking application for Windows and Mac computers.
Designed with a unique and simple interface, SuperNote allows you to create notes from plain text, organize them and synchronize them with your personal notes bank.
SuperNote is both a text editor and a note taking application. Using this program you can add text notes of any size, change font, size, paragraph alignment, background color and insert images. In addition, notes are synchronizable by means of several methods. As a result, you can save and share the notes online and export them as files.
SuperNote features an intuitive interface that allows you to create a shortcut on the desktop for fast access to your notes, refresh them every 2 or 3 seconds, change the color of the background, edit tags and sort notes by size.
The program can be used alone or in combination with the Asus WebStorage application. As a result, your notes are stored and synchronized in the cloud.

Asus Personal Cloud is a fast, easy-to-use utility that helps you to browse the Web using your account on Asus WebStorage. The Web browsing environment is redesigned for faster and more comfortable browsing.
Using the new Search feature in the web browser, you can quickly search for specific content in the Internet by typing a few words. You can also view content that is shared with you from your friends or colleagues.
In addition, the program is capable of cloud-to-cloud synchronization and will upload your notes to Asus Personal Cloud. At the end of each session, you can also save your Web browsing history for later retrieval.
Asus Personal Cloud allows you to sync your account on Asus WebStorage to the Asus Cloud service, so that you can access your account anytime, anywhere. This functionality requires a user to sign in to the new Asus Cloud service to activate it.
Asus Personal Cloud is also capable of fast synchronization which will transfer your account information from one computer to another, for example, from your notebook to your personal computer (PC), or from your notebook to another Asus Cloud account.
Asus Personal Cloud provides you with several ways to save and share notes. You can use the Share option to share the Web content you are currently viewing with friends or colleagues. You can also send the URLs of Web pages or notes you wish to save as a file or send them to your friends or colleagues using the Email option.
Asus Personal Cloud is a perfect tool for keeping your personal notes online. The

SuperNote Pro Crack + [Latest] 2022

Step 1: Open the SuperNote Pro installation folder. Click on « open » and follow the steps.

Step 2: Select the « Create a new notebook » option and enter a notebook name. You can create different notebooks in order to organize the notes on different topics in a systematic manner.

Step 3: Click « OK » to save the notebook on the desktop. You can now exit the program.

Step 4: From the desktop click on the SuperNote shortcut that was created when you installed the software. You can find the shortcut in the Start Menu.

Step 5: Click « Open » and follow the prompts. You will have to choose whether you want to choose the notebook created in step 1 or create a new notebook.

Step 6: Click « OK » to open the SuperNote Pro main window.

Step 7: In order to open a new note, press the « New note » button from the main menu. In case you are creating notes from the start you will have to click on the « Open » button on the main menu.

Step 8: You will be presented with the screen where you can enter the title for the new note. You can do this by typing the text from the keyboard or using freehand tools such as a pen or marker. You can also import images or shapes from files that are added to the folder of your notebook.

Step 9: You can add a time stamp by clicking on the time stamp icon that is below the name. To add an image, click on the open folder icon and select the image file. You can choose a predefined image or type the image’s location in the open file window by selecting the Browse button.

Step 10: You can also resize the image and center it within the viewport.

Step 11: You can remove the image at any time by clicking on the corresponding button. When you have finished adding all the information you want in the note, click on the page or page number at the top of the window. If you want to find a certain note later, type in a few letters and select the required page.

Step 12: You can move notes up or down and change their order using the context menu. To do this, simply select the note and press the « Menu » button.

Step 13: You can save the note by clicking on the « Save » button on the right side of the window. You can choose the type of file that is

What’s New In SuperNote Pro?

From the keyboard to an e-mail: Your notes in one place with SuperNote Pro – An easy to use Notebook management and synchronization tool for Windows.

Whether it is a rough stream of thoughts, to a more detailed notebook full of scribbles, or simply a factual list of appointments and errands – you can do it all with SuperNote Pro. Create and name your notes, then tag them for easier searching and organization. With a notebook manager that searches and synchronizes your notes automatically, you can work on any PC and be reminded instantly of what you need to do. You can also choose to access and synchronize your notes on your smartphone or tablet. All of your notes, including handwritten ones, can be tagged, annotated, copied and sent directly to your e-mail. With SuperNote, finding and staying organized becomes a snap.

The SuperNote Notebook Manager is user friendly, lightweight, and automatically synchronizes between all your computers. It also sends notes to your e-mail address, making your notes even easier to access at home or on the go. Select and open any of your notebooks quickly and easily with a couple of clicks.

Add comments to your notes and leave details about your thoughts, adding tags and dates to help organize everything. With automatic search and sync built-in to SuperNote, you won’t miss a thing – no more frantically searching for that errand you ran into on your last trip to the grocery store.

Do more with a swipe, tap, and pinch. Handwrite notes, draw or edit text, mark up images and shapes and choose from hundreds of customizable themes and background images. Add Stamps and put times into your notes with just a tap.

Relive your notes – view and share them all in their own note app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s like having all of your notes with you on the go!

Take your notes with you and access them from any computer. Share and collaborate on projects with colleagues and friends. SuperNote Pro makes it possible.

2. Other features:

Plug-in for Google Reader: The program can import to Google Reader automatically, then display your RSS Feed and the most recent news in new window.

Track your progress: Work and to-do lists can be created by date. Take a new note every day with a to-do list.

View notes, tags, and images: View notes, images, and tags on mobile device or

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
Processor: 1.8GHz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000, OpenGL 2.0, Windows 8
DirectX: Version 11 (Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 460/ATI HD 5670)
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
Additional Notes:
DirectX: DirectX 11 GPU version (i.e. graphics card)