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Bring all your WAV files together
WAVToCode is a Windows application dedicated to software developers who want to integrate C code with WAV data with their own projects. It features a straightforward interface that gives you the possibility to generate mixes from Wave content with ease.
Following a speedy setup procedure that shouldn’t give you any trouble, you come face to face with a user-friendly graphical interface. To get started, you can open a Wave audio track from your hard drive.
Convert Wave tracks to C code using this simple tool
The main app window offers a lot of technical data about the track: data size, format, number of channels, sample rate, average bytes per second, block alignment, bits per sample, container size, data offset and number of samples, along with the BWF originator, origin date, time and description.
Before creating a mix, you can configure settings related to the number of channels and bits per channel, and autoscaling (autolimit, normalize). The new mix can be saved as a separate Wave file or transcoded to C code. It’s a common operation that only requires a destination directory and file name.
Configure program settings with ease before conversion
As far as additional tools are concerned, you can instruct WAVToCode to mix to mono or stereo, play the original track, entire mix or mix between markers, clear the mix, or show channel information with the minimum an maximum values of the original track and mix.
We haven’t come across any compatibility issues with Windows 10 in our tests. WAVToCode saved the C code without any problems, and it remained light on system resources usage throughout its runtime. Thanks to its straightforward interface and options, this piece of software can be used by anyone interested in generating C code from Wave audio tracks to implement into their own software projects.
What’s new in this version:
• Fixed the problem of losing the plugin’s data for any reason (esp. closing of WAVToCode);
• Fixed the problem of not saving the WAV mix;
• Added new Options « PCM to Mono » and « PCM to Stereo »;
• New Options « Range » and « Channel Info » are now working;
• New Plugin « Debug » by Greg Shultz (GNU binutils package);
• New Plugin « New Wave » by Gregory Shultz;
• New Plugin « Mixer » by Gregory Shultz;

WAVToCode Crack Activation Code With Keygen

WAVToCode is a tool for software developers who want to integrate C code with WAV data.
– Import and Export of WAV and WAV-Type formats (Piff and Raw WAV).
– Generate C source code for a single (WAV) track.
– Create a binary file compatible with all Win32-Compilers.
– Show C code in Command Prompt (Windows), Terminal (Linux) or TCL/TK.
– Export C source code as a single (WAV) track.
– Code interpretation for different processor architectures (MIPS, ARM, X86)
– Tools for searching data within an audio file.
– Tools to allow you to visually match words of the (WAV) track with words of the C-Source code.
– Tools to search for number and date fields within the (WAV) track.
– Tools for splitting the audio into smaller pieces.
– Tools to highlight words of the C-Source code and use visual indicators to search for a specific field of the (WAV) track.
– Tools to search for specific parts of the audio track.
– Tools to locate parts of the audio track and use visual indicators to show the waveform of these parts.
– Tools to align C-Source code by lines and by columns, to center the C-Source code in the window and to show/hide columns and lines of the source code.
– Tools to detect the time of the different parts of the audio file.
– Tools to find the time and the frequency of the different parts of the audio file.
– Tools to place the (WAV) track in the audio file.
– Tools to place the C-Source code in the audio file.
– Tools to match the time of the different parts of the audio track with the C-Source code.
– Tools to display the offset of each part of the audio track.
– Tools to search for the offset of each part of the audio file.
– Tools to display the offset of each part of the audio file.
– Tools to autoscale (normalize) the source code to fit in the window.
– Tools to have the (WAV) track display the time of each part of the audio track.
– Tools to save the C-Source code in a separate file.
– Tools to configure the options and generate C code.
– Tools to copy the original (

WAVToCode For PC

The main window of WAVToCode includes many useful functions to help you manage the whole conversion process.
Convert and mix your WAV files into source C code
You can easily load WAV files from your hard drive and configure settings related to number of channels, bits per channel and autoscaling (autolimit, normalize).
Choose the channel, bit and autoscaling to be used in the program
Choose the channel, bit and autoscaling to be used in the program
After all settings are configured, a new mix is generated and saved as a separate WAV file, or transcoded to C code.
Possible locations to save the generated code
Choose the channel, bit and autoscaling to be used in the program
Choose the channel, bit and autoscaling to be used in the program
Decide the C code file to be generated
Decide the C code file to be generated
Delete the generated code
Delete the generated code
Check information about the generated code
Check information about the generated code
Copy the generated code
Copy the generated code
WAVToCode’s interface is simple to use, intuitive and clearly designed, so it won’t pose any difficulties for anyone.
We have tried to make this program as handy as possible with its many options, and we are sure it will quickly become a part of your conversion workflows.
WAVToCode is our new free addition to the Turbo Coder product lineup.

Soundex is a simple and fast to use text soundex algorithm. You can add Soundex to your software using API or you can use available Soundex library.
Soundex (or SOUNEX) is an acronym for Soundex Substitution Code.
Soundex is a standardisation of phonetic sound. It is intended to aid in sorting names and surnames when they are not easily confused, and, by matching them together alphabetically, in some cases replacing a number of characters with a single character.
The Soundex algorithm was created by Benford, a young scientist working in the U.S. Army Ordinance and Material Division (now the U.S. Army Ordinance Laboratory). After observing the occurrence of the first digits in names and inventories and testing the sound of various combinations, he found that almost all the names and surnames could be sorted by assigning a unique SOUNDEX code to each. The method produces codes that are usable, both in sorting orders and in general business and scientific

What’s New in the WAVToCode?

WAVToCode is a simple and easy-to-use application dedicated to developers who want to generate C code for a specific WAV file or collection of WAV files from the audio content.
► Compatible with audio tracks of all Wave formats.
► WAVToCode works for all Windows versions (Windows 8/8.1/10).
► Command line mode.
► The program is free.
► To make mixes, just set some options to convert selected Wave to code.
► Support for:
– Wave files with C code.
– WAV files with compressed data and tables.
– WAV files with tags.
– WAV files with ID3 information.
► Drag and drop support of multiple WAV files into a mix.
► The resulting mix can be saved as a new WAV file or transcoded to C code.
► All available features can be accessed by right-clicking the WAV file.
► You can also change the name and size of the resulting code.
► A simple and straightforward interface, easy to use.
► Reentrant.
► Easy to configure options.
► Compatible with Windows 10.
► User's manual in both PDF and HTML formats.
► No registration required.

WinCEDrawer (aka CMFSX) is a program that supports the following features:
CMFSX features:
– Supports CMFSX hardware acceleration.
– Allows users to create simple CMFSX extensions.
– Allows users to edit, copy and paste, cut and past, and delete CMFSX functions.
– Simple installation procedure.
– Designed to be compatible with CMFSX to simplify setup.
– Supports drag and drop.
– Supports the handling of CMFSX files in MFS-X libraries.
– Supports right-clicking operations to perform functions.
– Designed for Windows 8/8.1/10.
How to use WinCEDrawer:
1. Run WinCEDrawer.exe to open a new menu.
2. Choose « Create extension ».
3. Click « Browse » to navigate to the extension folder.
4. Choose the extension name.
5. Set options.
6. Start the extension.
7. Drag and drop the file into WinCEDrawer, or copy and paste it.
8. Right-click on the item you want to use.
9. Choose the function you want to use from the context menu.
10. Select the text you want to edit.
11. Highlight the text you want to edit.
12. Right-click on the text you want to edit.
13. Choose the function you want to use from the context menu.
14. Right-click on the selected text.

System Requirements For WAVToCode:

PC Recommended Minimum Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 7 SP1
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Processor: Intel i5-4200 @ 2.7 GHz
Graphics: Integrated video card, DirectX 9 capable or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 40 GB available space
Sound Card: Compatible with.wav files. No music required.
DVD/CD-RW: For installation and installation/configuration processes.
Internet: Broadband Internet connection for game downloads and patch downloads.


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