Recommended Housing Types

Recommended Housing Types

As an area of shelter and gathering with family, home is a primary human need. Not surprisingly, when choosing a residence, we need to consider many things. Plus there are several types of housing in Indonesia.

Developers often add frills such as clusters, residences, to townhouses. These terms may still be foreign to those of you who are looking for a first home.

If you decide to buy a house from a developer, be sure to know the types of housing so you can decide according to your wishes. Generally, there are four types of housing that are often offered by developers, namely clusters, residences and townhouses. To be able to tell the difference, see this article to the end follow us for more.

Cluster House

Cluster houses are a type of landed house consisting of tens to hundreds of housing units. Generally, cluster house types have a uniform size and shape, where each house is only separated by a concrete wall without a fence.

There are several characteristics of cluster houses that are the main attraction so that this type of housing is a favorite for many families. One of them is a complete facility that can be used together. Generally, cluster houses have green open space facilities, playgrounds, and sports fields.

In addition to complete facilities, cluster houses are often chosen for couples who already have children. This type of house has limited access so that not just anyone can enter without permission. There is only one access in and out (one gate system) with 24 hour surveillance and added by CCTV. So, even though the house doesn’t have a fence, the area is always safe thanks to a good security system.

Residence House

Residential housing is a residence consisting of several houses in one area. Generally residences are located in sub-urban or suburban areas so that the environment is still classified as beautiful and pollution-free. You can find residence housing in Jakarta’s buffer zones, such as Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Bogor. The advantage of residential houses is that prices are more affordable than clusters.

Housing Types Townhouses

Other types of housing are townhouses. Compared to clusters and residences, the number of townhouse housing units is very limited, which is around 10 to 30 units. Townhouses are suitable for those of you who want a quiet, exclusive, and not crowded environment. Initially, townhouses were built to meet the needs of expatriate living areas. However, at this time many developers are building townhouses in the city center.